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International Day of Charity

INTERNATIONAL DAY of charity is on Saturday September 5th and here at Captain Cook Square we want to highlight all the important work our My Sisters Place, Shelter and YMCA charity shops do…

My Sisters Place
My Sister’s Place is a specialist domestic violence service based in central Middlesbrough who provide direct services to women who are or have suffered domestic abuse. As a one-stop-shop, they aim to meet the varied needs of women suffering domestic violence and work in partnership with a range of external agencies to ensure users can access relevant support and protection.  Their purpose is to make woman and children safe while equipping women with the knowledge, information, advocacy and support to make informed choices.

Founded in 1966, Shelter campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing. The charity helps people in housing need by providing advice and practical assistance and tackles the root causes of bad housing by lobbying government and local authorities for new laws and policies. Shelter believes a home is a fundamental human need and a basic moral right, as vital as education or healthcare and their strategy is an ambitious and fearless response to what has become a national emergency.

The YMCA ensures young people have the opportunities to thrive, contribute to their communities and help build themselves a future. Founded in 1844, they operate in 530 communities in England and help over 500, 000 people every year. By providing 9000 beds for young people every night, YMCA provides safe and supported accommodation for people aged between 16 and 30. They also help 24,000 people every year to engage in education, skills and training to enable them to improve their opportunities in the job market.

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